Hokee Indian Angels©


Each angel is one-of-a-kind 3" to 3.5" body height, 6" tall with wings.  She is decorated with gemstones and beads.  She holds a dreamcatcher with small feathers and a tiny turquoise stone.  The dreamcatcher is meant to hold one's dearest dreams for creating or bringing something wonderful into one's life.  Once held, the dreamcatcher sends out these dreams into the world.  Each angel's halo glows in the dark.  Each angel has a small royal blue dot on her back which represents her soul.

Hokee Indian Angel© - Soft PinkHokee Indian Angel© - GoldenHokee Indian Angel© - Royal BlueHokee Indian Angel© - Ecru & TurquoiseHokee Indian Angel© - RoseHokee Indian Angel© - Red, Turquoise & YellowHokee Indian Angel© - Tan BlendsHokee Indian Angel© - Royal Blue BlendsHokee Indian Angel© - Peach & TurquoiseHokee Indian Angel© - RainbowHokee Indian Angel© - Brown & YellowHokee Indian Angel© - Soft TurquoiseHokee Indian Angel© - Blue & Black

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