About Us

Bear Moon Creations was formed in 1998 when Sunny was literally greeted by a black bear standing at her bedroom glass door one night.   A full moon was shining just behind the bear's shoulder.   (Sunny's Great Pyrenees dog--close to the same size as the bear--barked--bear and dog both stood on their hind legs as they looked at each other--the bear turned and ran off, and the reflection of the moon remained…..giving Sunny the idea for the company name.)

In 1992, Sunny and Jean formed a "kindred spirits" partnership to sell their one-of-a-kind polymer clay sculptures.  Although their styles are slightly different, their art is complementary, capturing the essence of earth wisdom and soul.  

Sunny and Jean use brightly colored, low-fire polymer clays, plus some mixed media to create their art.  The clay's vibrant colors bring these collectible sculptures to life and most of their pieces tell a story.

Over the years, their polymer clay sculptures and mixed media artwork have been featured at many art shows and galleries.  In 2003, Sunny and Jean created a piece for auction at a fundraising event for a local radio station.  Their piece sold for the highest bid of $2600.

Sunny's sister, Betty Elleker, lives in Canada.  She became a "kindred spirit" partner in 2007, offering her wood-burned hiking sticks and pine cone and clay bird ornaments for sale via Bear Moon Creations.

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